einer der ältesten Biobetriebe Österreichs und der älteste in der Region

Bio Gemüse Wimmer

Best Ingredients from the Oldest Organic Farm in Upper Austria and Certainly one of the Oldest in the Country

Bio Gemüse Wimmer is one of the oldest organic farms in Austria and certainly the oldest in the region.

Organic farming in Pucking, Austria has been practiced here since the 1950s when Raymond Wimmer, the proprietor's father, delivered fresh organic produce to Linz General Hospital.

We continue to use those organic methods and to acquire new skills. Our farm produces fish, vegetables, herbs, eggs, liquors, herbs and cut flowers, all organically produced, certified and destined for the Eulenspiegel, or the local farmer's market. Enjoy ethically produced quality organic food: from farm to folk.

Do take the time to visit our farm website and book a farm tour to see where and how your food is grown and rared!