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Home to the best Wiener Schnitzel 

Our Wienner Schnitzel is unrivalled, even the German's take it across the border. Cooked in Buttersmaltz for exactly three minutes and ten seconds, it is what our restaurant is famed for and is unsurprisingly, the Eulenspiegel's favourite dish. Enjoy a Wienner Schnitzel against the backdrop of Mozart's Birth House or the Salzarch River, just like Mozart and his farther likely did when they lived here.


For us, the respectful handling of animals and nature is the cornerstone on which we harvest our high-quality food. Our produce is delivered from to our family run restaurant from our farm, Bio Gemüse Wimmer, in Pucking, one of the oldest organic farms in Austria. ‘Organic’ is not just a certification to us: it is our philosophy. Book a farm tour!


Our organic fish is sauced from in no less than six lakes at our organic farm in Pucking, one of the oldest in Austria and certainly the oldest in the region. Fresh spring water services all the lakes, giving our fish, which we also smoke on site, that superior edge. While Schubert may well have dedicated a song to Die Forellen it is not that trout that we chiefly farm but its infinitely superior relative, the char. Book a farm tour to learn where your food is grown.