At 680 Years Old, zum Eulenspiegel Restaurant is

the Most Original Tavern in the Historic Town Centre of Salzburg

Located in the Heart of Europe

At 680 years old, zum Eulenspiegel Restaurant is the most original tavern in the historical town centre of Salzburg. The Eulenspiegel's offers charming individual dining rooms with a delightful view over the city of Salzburg and the rushing Salzach river consisting of ‘the study’, ‘the wine room’, ‘the lady’s room’. The comfortable dining rooms with original wooden furniture, full of local colours, antique weapons and open fireplaces will impress and please you. Our food is prepared with traditional butter (Butterschmalz) in a pan, just like it was in grandma’s time. We would like to convince you of this personally. We will delight your pallet with fine wine and honest produce in the backdrop of a romantic setting. Visit sum Eulenspiegel, home to Salzburg's finest Schnitzel and fish.

Al Fresco Dining

In summer, the guest garden on Hagenauerplatz entices visitors with its direct view of Mozart’s birth house. At zum Eulenspiegel you’re always guaranteed a front row seat. And when the glasses clink and you listen very carefully, you might hear the Eulenspiegel's cap bells ring.

Eat and Feast Like Mozart at the Eulenspiegel, Mozart's home for a time

Not only is our charming restaurant central, it lies opposite Hagenauerhaus, the house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. It is documented that the Mozart family also lived in an apartment above our restaurant, formally known as the 'Löchlbogen' house.

Leopold Mozart wrote to his wife from Venice in 1771, while renovations were being carried out in their home: ‘I think that we cannot stay at home as we have slept like soldiers together; we cannot go on like this as Wolfgang is no longer seven years old. I think it best I take an apartment in the ‘Löchl’, then it is not far to go to Hagenauerhaus’ (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's birthplace).

Enjoy a fine glass of wine an hearty meal as you gaze across to Mozart's birth house or the Salzach river just as Mozart and his father did once.

Bio Gemüse Wimmer: The Oldest Organic Farm in Upper Austria and Certainly One of the Oldest in the Country

Our restaurant is unique in that not only is most of our produce organic but it is grown by us in our organic family farm, Bio Gemüse Wimmer, in Pucking, Upper Austria. We get fresh deliveries of organic eggs, a variety of salad leafs, an assortment of fresh vegetables (including tomatoes, potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke, onions, courgettes, cucumbers, aubergines), culinary herbs and importantly fish from our own farm. Take some time off to visit our farm and see where and how your food is grown and rared. For us, the respectful handling of animals and nature is the cornerstone on which we harvest our high-quality food. ‘Organic’ is not just a certification to us: it is our philosophy.

In 2018, the proprietor and his wife also begun farming medicine herbs in Bio Gemüse Wimmer. Click hereto peruse through our photo book. You can visit our farm website by clicking here